Friday, June 21, 2013

An interview with illustrator Ann Panning

I am as much intrigued by the reasons illustrators draw as I am to why authors write. I love to find out what makes them tick, so to speak. I thought it would be a good idea, therefore, to do an online interview with illustrator Ann Panning. Don't 'cha love the 'net?!

Question #1-What gives you inspiration for your drawing? 
Ever since I was a wee child, nature in all it's amazing colorful facets has inspired me in my artwork.  A close second would be people's unique faces. I think the love of faces came about when I would study them as the communion crowd walked past me back to their seats.

Question #2- Writer's experience "writer's block." Do illustrators? 
Sometimes I do experience illustrator's block, but I've learned to stop and do something quite unrelated like wash dishes or tackle whatever the biggest pile is.

Question #3- What are your favorite things to draw? 
My favorite things to draw are, not surprisingly enough, nature, people and animals- God's wonderful creation! Always interesting fodder! 

Question #4- Do you draw every day?
I don't have the opportunity to draw every day, but when I can't I am doodling!

Question #5- What advice would you give to a young, inexperienced artist?
Advice I would give a young artist is to draw what you love, learn from others by taking lessons, and study other works of art; copy from the masters!

Question #6- What brings you the most joy in your drawings?
The thing that brings me the most joy in my artwork is finally the "ah-ha" moment when I got a pet or human portrait to look like them!

Thank you so much, Ann, for the interview. It was a pleasure!

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