Friday, September 13, 2013

Writing is the easy part

Since digging deeper into this craft of writing, I've unearthed a thick layer of clay just beneath the surface. Writing truly is the easy part when compared to everything else this industry involves, especially if one's actively seeking publication. All the peripherals that require attention take time away from writing, and I find that frustrating. A writer's passion is to write, not spend time tying up loose ends! Writing query letters, building social media connections, and critiquing others' work is time consuming.

However, as annoying as these things are, I realize they're necessary cohorts in the endeavor to getting published. These added elements ultimately develop a writer's character. One learns (if it doesn't come naturally, that is), to be organized, disciplined, and persistent. The biggest challenge for me, by far, is being disciplined; to be consistent in setting time aside to do the actual work of writing, and to take care of those loose ends.

I learned that I can't just write when the inspiration strikes or the mood fits or the words flow easily. To do otherwise is to leave it a dream, a hobby, an immature adolescent. It requires hard work, courage, and the determined choice to see the dream into maturity. It's time to stop coddling my fear and kick it out of the nest. Are you with me?

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