Thursday, October 31, 2013

Because everyone has an opinion

I was not going to write about Halloween. It simply wasn't something I wanted to "get into." In the past two weeks I've seen so many FB posts linking articles arguing for and against it that I swear it's given me a slight case of vertigo! As the saying goes, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist" to know it's a controversial subject. Overall, I just find it sad. Sad that it has become such a source of division. It's a source of division within the Christian community, and it's a source of division between Christians and non-Christians. And it is exactly this division that Satan is rejoicing over. How pleased he must be.

Obviously, each one must be convicted in their own heart what to do with Halloween. (Romans 14) For us, our response, in fact, has changed over the years. Because of this, I give grace to those who believe differently and have also concluded that disagreement should not negate the necessary respect in response to those differences.

For our family, the decision about Halloween has evolved to three basic questions: 1) Is dressing up in costume on this particular day a sin? 2) Is going door-to-door to collect candy a sin? 3) Are we worshiping Satan or celebrating darkness and evil? We have concluded a resounding “No” in reply to all three of these.

Whatever your convictions, you can know that if you are seeking God's will He will direct your steps. He will provide the information and resources necessary to make a right choice that brings peace to you and your family. I'm thankful for His grace, His forgiveness, and His direction.

Below is a wonderful list of resources compiled by an acquaintance of mine. Kara is a woman after God's own heart and has shared their family's thoughts regarding Halloween with transparency and grace. God's word says that He rewards those who seek Him.(Heb.11:6) May you be blessed by His presence as you seek Him! 

What If We Approached Halloween as Christians On Mission? (From Piper’s church– Bethlehem Baptist)
John Piper on Halloween (video question and answer, but also in print)
What Christians Should Know About Halloween– (The Resurgence)
Christians and Halloween (from John MacArthur’s website–Grace To You)
Halloween and Leaving the Light On (Justin Taylor/The Gospel Coalition)
A Christian View On Halloween (from Courtney at Women Living Well)
Halloween Fast Approaches (Tim Challies)
Halloween– Trick or Retreat? (another by Tim Challies)
7 Reasons Halloween Judgment Houses Miss the Mark (Russell Moore)
We Do Not Celebrate Halloween (Many helpful resources listed explaining why a Christian would choose not to participate from a mom/writer whose genuine desire is to please God, not men).
Halloween (thoughts from Doug Wilson)
Luther Put a Nail in the Heart of Bad Religion–And 3 Other Holidays (from The Resurgence)
A Lens on Halloween  (from Adam’s The Gospel Lens)
Evangelical Definition and Halloween (Russell Moore at First Things…all in good fun)
Rethinking Halloween– (by my friend Elizabeth Johnson)
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?– (a thought-provoking post by Ashley Schnarr)
Why our Family Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween– (from Lisa Pennington)
What Christians Should Know About Halloween– (Justin Holcomb)


  1. My hat is tipped to you. Let everyone decide for themselves with no condemnation.

  2. Thank you, Julie. It's not an easy decision for some families, but God's grace abounds! May we all be conduits of His grace.