Friday, December 27, 2013


Christmas, a magical time for most people. It's a time to plan and dream. Children look forward to Santa, who they hope will fulfill their deepest desire of the moment. It's a time when the retail world convinces you that your wants are indeed needs. Families travel, gatherings are numerous, and activities are at an all-time high. The hustle and bustle of Christmas reigns in December!

How did you fare? Did you get what you wanted? Did your dreams come true, and were your plans fulfilled? Did the busyness of Christmas leave you with magical feelings of peace and contentment? If you said yes, I am so happy for you. But I have to ask, "What made it that way?" Was it really because you got what you wanted? Or maybe it's because you spent time with loved ones and treasured the moments. Indeed, these are blessings, to be sure. But what if you got nothing? What if you had no family gatherings or magical moments? Would Christmas still be special? Would your heart be filled with peace and joy, anyway?

My husband and I didn't bother getting gifts for one another. I believe it's partly because we've been married 20 years, and partly because we continue to grieve the loss of our son. We also didn't spend time with extended family or do much in the way of outside activities. I wouldn't consider our Christmas to be magical, yet it was blessed. Blessed because we had the presence of God and the reminder of His sacrificial love for us. We meditated on the birth of Jesus Christ through the advent story titled, "Tabitha's Travels."

With this being only the third Christmas without our son, I still have a difficult time saying, "Merry Christmas!" However, that doesn't mean I don't wish others peace and joy. The "good news of great joy" (Luke 2:10) is something I carry every day of the year, knowing that Jesus is with me, with us. Because of this abiding joy, I can say instead, "Have a blessed Christmas. May Christ be birthed in your heart!"


  1. Jesus' blessing is indeed the best gift of all. Thank you for linking up with me.