Friday, January 10, 2014

Because I earned it

On Sunday, I received a very nice rejection letter email for my manuscript Wordilicious. It was a long shot, anyway, because this particular publishing company only publishes two books a year. I didn't have any grand delusions that I would somehow be an exception or that I am just that good of a writer. These are the times I am thankful I am a realist! I have so very much to learn yet about this craft and about the entire process of entering the book publishing industry. However, I'm glad I submitted it. Fear will no longer stop me from going after my dreams. If I'm anything, I'm tenacious. Just ask my mother.

Tenacity isn't found in strength alone, however. The body and spirit grow weary. Will power isn't enough, and even passion burns out. Tenacity needs support, and support is a chameleon. Many times, it's arrayed in colorful resources. Other times, it reflects the bright hue of encouragement. Often, it's clothed in the heart-warming color of hope. Tenacity is ugly without support and short-lived. The wonderful thing about support is that it transforms and enables tenacity to achieve its dreams.

I've been supported in surprising ways, thus far, in this process. I never dreamt I'd be able to attend a writer's conference or find a critique group, but I found tremendous support in both. Neither did I anticipate fortitude from strangers or encouragement from other bloggers. The latest surprising area of support came through PineCone Research, of all things. I've completed surveys for a few years now. I save my points and allow them to accumulate until I have enough to cash in and purchase coveted items. One such coveted item is a membership to SCBWI. The endless amount of surveys I had to complete and the long wait to save up enough to purchase was worth it! I earned it, and I'm looking forward to receiving great support from SCBWI as I continue on the road to becoming a published author.

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