Friday, January 24, 2014

The ugly truth about writing

I may love to write, but that doesn't mean I'm disciplined enough to do it consistently, daily, or without resistance. My son's death, and the resultant realization that life is far too short, was the catalyst for me to actively pursue becoming a published author. It was motivation to take action, but even motivation isn't enough when it comes to writing. Motivation wanes and excuses creep in. There has to be a sustaining power, an ultimate reason for writing.

My sustaining power is the LORD. He is the reason I write. He compels me to tell my story. Yet, I am not the author of my story. He is. And though He is the one writing it, I am the one telling it. The question then becomes, "How well will I tell it?"

Excuses run rampant for any endeavor. For writer's, it usually has something to do with time. Or lack thereof. And ideas. Or lack thereof. And discipline. Or lack thereof. Hence, the photo for today's post.

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