Friday, April 25, 2014


I resisted Twitter for so long, but finally joined the crowd recently. I dare say my mother would be disappointed. In my ears, I hear the echoing strain of "Just because everybody jumps off a bridge, doesn't mean you should, too." But what I found out is that the water is amazing. Seriously. It's been fun and has none of the drama of FB. I actually think I may like it better than FB, in fact. I find I don't get sucked into the endless "newsfeed" reading like I do on FB. FB is great, but Twitter serves a completely different purpose for me.

I also stumbled across a Yahoo MN SCBWI writers group this week. What a gift! While I still haven't found a local critique group, this is the next best thing. It involves a bit of driving to meet up, but since they only meet once a month, I think it'll be doable. I believe what's blown me away the most with Twitter and SCBWI is the overwhelming support from other writers, a palpable feeling that they are wishing you the best and will do what they can to further your progress. They genuinely want to see you succeed.

As a newbie, I've made a few mistakes, but I've learned from them and have continued to have a teachable spirit. I'm working on building a "thick skin" while being open to constructive criticism. I'm learning what it means to stay true to yourself and your "inner" voice, yet hear what wiser, more experienced professionals in the field have gleaned.

Making one's dreams come true may sound like a fairy tale, but I think it reads more like a graphic horror novel with much blood, sweat, tears, and anxiety. However, somewhere along the way, fear and blind effort are (magically?) transformed into knowledge, perseverance, and confidence. The menacing shadows are dispelled by the twitter of birds and the sound of joyful splashes in the water. Are you with me? Tweet me @AngieCherney.

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