Friday, May 16, 2014

Pushing forward

I usually don't struggle too much when it comes to finding something to write about. (Yes, I'm weird that way.) Writing prompts aren't something I typically need to use. I guess I just have the thinking that with homeschooling, six kids at home, two dogs, two cats, a hamster, and fish, why would I have trouble coming up with something to write about?

My problem isn't writing prompts, it's trying to stay awake when I finally get the chance to sit down and write! I absolutely love the picture below because 1) I love daisies and 2) I aspire to lie vertical in a field of daisies and 3) Falling asleep in a field of daisies is perfectly acceptable. Falling asleep at the keyboard, however, is not.

creative writing prompts

Happily, I've gotten better at disciplining myself to take advantage of the "short" moments, writing even if it means only for five or ten minutes. I'm learning to push forward through the excuses and lack of motivation, and it's paying off. I can't say that I like writing in haste, but I can say that I'm learning to see the value in it.

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