Friday, June 6, 2014

Dreams without goals

"Dreams without goals remain dreams. Just dreams. And ultimately fuel disappointment."
- Denzel Washington

My dear friend (our Brazilian son's mother) ;) posted a link on her FB wall and tagged me in it. My first thought was, "How am I going to read this?! I don't read Portuguese." But I clicked on it anyway because I knew she tagged me for a reason. Thinking that perhaps I could somehow navigate and find the English version, it finally dawned on me (Yeah, I'm a little slow on the uptake!) that I didn't need to read Portuguese in order to understand it. First of all, there's Google Translate. Second, there was an accompanying video. And guess what? Denzel speaks English! (Yep, I eventually figure things out the hard way!)

I watched the four minute video and was glad I did. Mr. Washington gave me the reassurance and encouragement I needed this week. In speaking of goals, he said, "Between goals and achievement are discipline and consistency." When it comes to writing, I think I have a better handle on consistency than I do discipline. It is something that I maintain two blogs weekly and have done so for an extended period of time. What I need to work on, however, is building discipline with my other writing.

I do believe God has given me the gift of writing, but that doesn't mean it requires no work or effort on my part. I am called to be responsible with what He gives. As a writer, part of that responsibility is to learn the craft. I am doing just that, and I'm so thankful for the awesome support and resources that God provides. My dreams do have goals!

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