Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Guest Post!

I'm welcoming my friend Becky G. to the blog today to share some of her wonderful writing. You won't believe that she only recently began blogging. Her poetry is amazing, and I have no doubt I'll be seeing her stuff in "hardcover" one of these days. Enjoy your Friday visit with Becky G., dear readers!

 Trying to Keep my FOCUS
Fixed eyes and heart
On the One and Only
Christ Jesus my friend and savior in
Unwavering faithfulness and
Steadfast love

Dawn of a New Day
The glowing dawn sky resembled the start of a bright new day
Full of renewed faith that God has a wondrous plan to reveal along the way.
Whether it be clouds, rain, storm, or a brilliantly shining and rising sun,
A tiny seed of anticipation is planted deep inside the meditative and contented one.
Though yesterday was speckled with tears from hurtful disappointment and a lost love,
The ever compassionate Lord showers his goodness and blessings from the heavens above.
So begins a brand new day, although sometimes dark, frightful, and stormy it may be
A glimmering ray of hope is shining from here and into eternity.

To Read A Good Book

To read a good book, a story; to open the cover and its’ pages slowly unfold

is like walking into a delightful place of wonder which only the mind’s eye can behold.

Its’ story, its’ scene, and its’ characters soon find a dwelling place inside the soul and heart

of the enchanted reader whose fond remembrance of them will not soon depart.

 You can find more of Becky's wonderful writing at her blog Becky G? Oh, That's Me!.

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