Friday, July 11, 2014

Writers are readers

For many years, I've heard the saying "Writers are readers," but I honestly didn't realize that not everyone was a reader. I simply assumed that because I loved reading so much, everyone else did, too. It was quite a shock, then, after I discovered that my husband was not a reader. Unbelievable! However, oddly enough (or to his credit?!), he loves to read encyclopedias and Rock and Gem magazines. Not exactly what I consider fascinating reading material, but he has, impressively, redeemed himself by supplementing our kids' science and history over the years with his expertise in those areas.

Reading was my first love. It was a weakness of mine until I had children. Then reality hit. One simply can't read all day long and manage a household and rear children well. Not well at all. Ask me how I know. Subsequently, the fiction books got shelved for many years, and out came parenting books and picture books. I've loved them all, but have really missed reading fiction and reading for pleasure.

However, one thing that becomes keenly evident in rearing children is that time flies. And fly it did. So here I am, finding that I once again have time to read for pleasure. And in this technology-crazed, social media-saturated world, it's not always easy choosing the quieter, more solitary route of reading. But reading offers an escape, the kind which social media and technology can't. It offers a private world in which to ponder, where imagination is limitless, and acceptance is abundant. Picking up a book and reading for pleasure has been so relaxing, like sinking into a warm bubble bath after a grueling day of work.

I've found the time spent reading was well worth it the past several weeks. It's been rejuvenating, and I've found my writing has benefited as well. How about you, dear reader? Have you read a book lately? I hope so! If not, here's some "mother" guilt for you. Go read...and enjoy it!

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