Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Minute Friday

I do a lot of online reading, mostly pertaining to writing and learning the craft of writing. I could link all of the sites I've visited, but really, I don't do anything special to find them. I Google, people. I Google. Or I click links from other various writing sites. (That's how I found out about "Five Minute Friday.) You know, the saying, "One thing leads to another" is so true!

I stumbled across this idea of "Five Minute Friday" many months ago. I think it's a unique and wonderful concept. It's fun and, for me at least, takes the pressure off word count. It's an easily attainable goal. Who doesn't like those? What I find incredibly difficult, however, is NOT editing as I write!  Ooooheeee. Or I suppose I should say, "Uffda," seeing as I'm a true Minnesotan.

Anyhow, I rather enjoy a good challenge. The thought of hearing (imaginatively) "put your pencils down. The test is over." excites me. Check out the link below for more information on "Five Minute Friday."

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