Friday, September 5, 2014

Being brave

I look back over the past three years since actively pursuing this writing journey, and I am quite amazed at what I've done. I used to think of myself as a brave person, but in reality, I was not. Like many people, I was just good at talking big. As the saying goes, I was "All talk. No action."

But as the saying also goes, "Talk is cheap." and "Actions speak louder than words." So I am writing, reading, and educating myself on the craft of writing. I put myself out there, risking rejection and criticism, but am getting stronger and better for it. It's been an adventurous, courage-filled three years.

And I'm about to take yet another courageous step on this writing journey. It is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. However, I have nothing to lose...except fear. I encourage anyone who dreams, like I do, of being a published author to just put yourself out there. Do what it takes. Show up. Learn the business. Follow directions. Humble yourself. Be patient. Be persistent. Be brave.

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