Friday, September 12, 2014

Wait? No, no, no

Perhaps one of the first lessons I learned on this writing journey was that writers wait for no one. Which, in the writer's world, means that once you submit your ms (manuscript), DO NOT WAIT. Do not, under any circumstances, sit around waiting for a reply. Instead, GET TO WORK on your next manuscript. Keep writing. Waiting is a no-no.

The average (and I use that term loosely) wait on a reply after a submission is three months. Three months! Many are longer than that, some are shorter. Waiting without writing is death to a writer's career. Now, this wasn't news to me. I didn't have to be told to keep working after I submitted, but I have met several writers who, when asked what is their wip (work in progress), reply, "Oh. I'm waiting to hear back from ______." 

Goodness. I'm rather dumbstruck when I hear that, but I'm also (no surprise) rather forthright. My response is usually, "Don't wait." I've never been good at waiting anyway, but in the writing business, it turns out it's a good thing. It means that the flow of creativity can continue. It means that our lives don't have to be put on hold while we wait. It means we can continue developing the necessary discipline of writing daily.

Waiting? No, not me. Here are 13 Ways How Writers Can Survive The Dreaded Waiting Stage.


  1. Great article, thank you for sharing, Angie!!

    1. You're quite welcome! Love your poetry, Becky.