Friday, October 31, 2014


I subscribe to my cyber-friend Kimberly's blog. She wrote a post this week that had me "Uh-huh'ing" and nodding the entire way through.

When You're Desperate to Be Pregnant (with the Things of God).

I want to be a published author, yes. But it is, honestly, not something I seek more than God. I am not desperate enough to skip steps to get my way or to circumvent the hard work of breaking into the traditional publishing world by self-publishing because I want to be published so badly I'll do anything to get it. (I'm not saying, btw, that all who self-publish do this. But, sadly, I've seen more that do than don't.) I am not willing to run ahead of God and His plan for me. I am content to write where I am at, whether published or unpublished.

Of course, it'd be thrilling to see my books in print and on a library shelf or bookstore shelf, but, like Kimberly, I have laid those plans and dreams down, down before the LORD. He is the one who directs my steps. (Proverbs 3:5-6) I trust in Him, with my writing, with my dreams, with my time. My life is not my own and neither is my time. Every breath I take is because He has allowed me yet another. I want my life and my writing to reflect His glory. I want to be desperate for Him. I am so glad to have had this reminder this week!  

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