Friday, October 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday!

It's Five Minute Friday! I waited with bated breath for today's word. Dear God, it's like a runner lining up their toe at the starting line (which I would know exactly NOTHING about!), heart pumping, deep breaths being inhaled and exhaled, waiting for the gun to go off. So here goes! The word for today is: CARE

I'm wondering how many different directions one can go with the word "care." I'm not sure which direction I should take this. I could go with a spiritual bent, or I could go with a worldly one. I think I will go worldly.

What does it mean to care? When I think of "care," I think of compassion. To care necessitates having a heart of compassion. No one cares without being moved by compassion. I want to be a woman, a writer, of compassion. I want to take infinite care with the words I use. Words can heal. Words can wound. I care about the words I use. I want to make a difference with my writing.

Why does any writer want to write? Because they care. They care about the words they use. They care about the legacy they will leave behind. They care...and my time is up! Happy #fmfparty!

A little bit about Five Minute Friday:

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