Friday, October 17, 2014

When you feel like a failure

So, writers? We're a curious bunch. We come off all confident and cocky when wielding a keyboard or slinging ink, and we've learned quickly how to develop thick skins. However, a common theme I've noticed the past three years as I've launched into the writing world is that many, if not most, writers struggle with self-doubt and feeling like a failure. Myself included. The problem is, we're too good at masquerading.

See, we're good with words. We're good at playing the game. But the game stops being funny when we hit the "enter" button or shove the submission envelope into the mailbox. Suddenly, fear and doubt take over, speaking things like, "That was a stupid thing to do." and "Why did you ever think you could be a writer?" The voice of failure cups his hand next to your ear and whispers, "Your writing stinks. No one wants to read what you write."

It'd be so easy to give up and give in, wouldn't it, when we hear these things? But the other thing I know about writers is that they are also persistent. (My mother always said "stubborn," but I say "determined.") Writers are passionate and that passion fuels our persistence. True writers recognize that failure is part of the process. They acknowledge that failure is not a reflection of who they are or of their writing. They see that failure is the most valuable of teachers. They use it to become better writers.

How appropriate and timely that I would come across the following post this week!

When you feel like a failure, dear writer? Write on. 


  1. Thanks for sharing that Angie. I also felt that way this past week. I had submitted to a writing contest and, of course, didn't win. But must trying, must keep on writing!!

  2. Awww. I know the feeling, Becky! Hang in there and keep honing those skills. I'm here cheering you on. :)