Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Five

It's time for another "Friday Five." I'm listing five "survival" tactics I've used to help me get through this busy season.

1. Take advantage of waiting time.
Any and all appointments are opportunities to either read or write. Five minutes of writing has worth!

2. Ask for help!
I've met many wonderful people on this writing journey, and they have been more than willing to give feedback on my current manuscript when I asked. Additionally, just because a critique group meets monthly doesn't mean you have to wait a month to exchange feedback. Also, they are usually more than happy to be a guest-blogger/writer. Guest-blogging is a wonderful way to network, as well.

3. Skip the guilt!
During the holidays, cut out whatever is unnecessary. Instead of doing it all, why not purpose to do less? This year, I determined not to do any holiday baking. Not only am I not experiencing the sugar highs and lows, but I'm enjoying the freedom it has brought. It's been stress-free in the kitchen and a tad easier on the budget. However, I'm not at all opposed to my teen girls baking! ;) It's o.k. to do less. I've learned that, typically, I'm the one expecting the most from myself, not others. This year, I'm skipping the guilt (and lowering the expectations).

4. Read more.
I've been intentional about shutting down the computer and turning off the television each night. It's usually short, only about an hour, but it's an hour of worthwhile reading. I'm slowly eating that elephant one bite at a time! (The elephant a.k.a. the "to read" pile.) I also made a pact with myself that I couldn't start (or buy!) any new books until I finished the ones I'm currently reading.

5. Keep the routine.
This is probably the most difficult survival tactic to implement! There's nothing like the holidays and vacation to throw off one's routine. However, I've been focused and firm in saying no to things and activities that leave me feeling stressed. If I can't envision feeling energized or refreshed from a particular event, then I take that as a clue to decline in participating. I don't want to end the holidays feeling more exhausted or feeling as if I have to play catch-up once "real" routine resumes.

So there you have it. My survival tactics for the holidays. How are you doing, dear readers? Do you have any advice for surviving the holidays? Did you survive them well?  I'd love to hear from you. Leave me a comment!

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