Friday, July 3, 2015

Big Life, big Grace

I've had a private personal blog for 13 years. I wrote faithfully (almost daily) until July 28, 2011. On July 29, 2011, my 16 year old son died, and I never thought I'd write again. In actuality, it was nine days later that I poured out my heart onto the pages of Blogger. It felt like I hadn't written in years, but my grief needed a release and writing was it.

I wasn't planning on having a "grief" blog, nor an "author" blog, for that matter. But after much persuasion from family and friends, I decided to go "public" and A Window Into Grief was born. Two years later, I kicked fear out the door and birthed this baby, Writing on the Sly.

Though I haven't trekked as far down the path as I would have liked in the wilderness of the writing world, I have walked far enough into it to have learned that it's pretty awesome. I've gained a bit of knowledge and insight (enough at least to no longer be naive about the difficulty or length of the journey) and have been inspired by many. Most recently, Sally Apokedak's words have been motivating and refreshing.

The path isn't a smooth one, but it's definitely colorful. I've loved "meeting" other writers via social media. It's overwhelming and exciting to have such an incredible amount of resources and information at the click of a button. One of the best things about these resources, however, is coming across websites that reaffirm and encourage. Writing Through Life is one of them. I stumble (isn't that the way we typically find them?!) across many resources and sites, but Amber followed me on Twitter, and I promptly followed back and checked out her web address. I swear she wrote "When Life Gets in the Way of Writing" just for me.

While I'm no longer in the "life with a capital 'L" season, Amber's post was a wonderful reminder to give ourselves grace. Writing is it's own person, and I'm happy to continue exploring our relationship. And goodness knows, every relationship needs a big dose of grace.