Monday, November 14, 2016


I finished reading this:

Image result for the war of art

Honestly, I don't even know what to say. This book has been recommended at every writing conference I've attended the past five years, but I only purchased it last month. 

Pressfield covers it all: every aspect of resistance, every angle from which it works. I read each page with the urge to highlight. The book is an easy read, but incredibly profound. It may be written with writers in mind, but it can benefit anyone, especially those who have put off or haven't finished whatever it is they desire to finish. The gist of the book is basically how to overcome resistance...and resistance is whatever is keeping you from finishing. 

Reading it has been convicting and challenging. I finished the book, however, and briskly shoved Resistance off the cliff. Then, I wrote this post, thereby effectively crushing Resistance's fingertips gripping the ledge. He's not coming back tonight, at least.

Friends, if you haven't read this one, I highly recommend it. What's on your reading shelf? 


  1. There's a lot on my reading shelf, there's way more in my Amazon Wish List and I'm about to add this one into it too thank you! Finding enough time to read everything is certainly a challenge!

  2. Oh, yes, the agony of too many books to read!! It's all good, right? :) I'm hoping and praying there are books in heaven! ;)